Summer Medblog Smackdown

In booming announcer voice…

“Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls children of all ages…welcome to the Interwebs Arena for our main event of the  Summer…”

“Fighting out of the Doctor’s Corner wearing the red trunks, the contender from a big hospital somewhere in America.  With a record of 200,000 and 0, years and years of residency training, thousands of sidebar ads and an ego a mile wide, Happy “I’m a Medical Doctor and have my own way of running a code” Hospitalist! …”

“And out of the Nurse’s Corner, wearing the blue trunks, the challenger from a big ER somewhere else in America.  With a record of a million saves, years of being at the front lines of American health care, a chip on her shoulder and Dr. Bloody Gloves in her corner, Nurse “The Snarkinator, can’t believe Happy runs a Code like this” K! …..”

crowd goes wild…

“Let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuumble…..!”


“OK you two, let’s have a clean fight.  No low blows, no crayzee talk…oh whatever, just come out swinging.”


Happy and Nurse K are at it again.  Sit back and enjoy the show.

Not going to say who’s right, who’s wrong (although Nurse K is right dude, either wake the patient up for fucks sake, hello, sternal rub ’em! or pull the cord for the code team), but it sure is turning out to be a real smackdown.  I mean between Happy’s smug aloofness and K’s snark attack, you’ve got a real read on your hands.

Happy’s Post: Michael Jackson May Have Died From Fibromyalgia

Nurse K’s Rebuttal: How to resuscitate a patient Happy-style

Happy’s Attempt to hide the fact he got pwned: Is It Reasonable to Stock Every Room With Emergency Resuscitation Supplies

Would you two just get a room or something…

Edit: K just posted up a rebuttal to Happy’s rebuttal (a double butt-al?)  Face it bro, you’re getting pwned.  Throw the towel.



  1. I always love it when Happy and Nurse K get into it. She at least attempts to keep him honest, not that I think that it is possible. Some of the things that he blogs that he says and does makes me feel truly lucky to have the docs that I do. Even “Sandy” is at least competent if snarky. I know that he wouldn’t abandon an agonal patient to rip on the patients, but would try to pass the blame after the fact.


  2. Would you two just get a room or something…

    I’d never hit that. Like I say, he’s cute, but I’ve done the nutjob thing once, ain’t doin’ it again even if he he wears a pretty white coat and has an…enormous…differential for chronic abdominal pain. I’ve pantsed him, stolen his lunch money, and am kicking him about the skull at this point.

    Happy, we’re laughing AT you, not WITH you.


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