En Route: A Review

I was browsing in Barnes & Noble awhile ago and was captured by a bright red wrapped book.  Sure enough, it was AD’s book, En Route: A Paramedic’s Stories of Life, Death, and Everything in Between.  I’ll admit it:  I’m a fan.  Love his writing, his particularly jaundiced view on humanity and the ability to live vicariously through him in situations I will not be finding myself in anytime soon.  In reality, would love to buy him a beer, just to pay him back for the entertainment he has provided (that said, if you’re ever in my neck of the woods…).  So I almost felt obliged to pick up a copy.  Consider this my donation into the “Keep AD in guns, ammo and beer fund”.  And I’m glad I did.  Here’s my review.

Kelly Grayson, otherwise known as AD by his adoring fans worldwide took a collection of his tales, polished them to a high-gloss sheen and wrapped a cover around it and out comes a book.  It’s entertaining, comical, serious, sad and often sobering look at life as a paramedic.  Squeamish of blood and guts?  Probably not the best choice for you.  Can’t handle rude and crude language?  Look elsewhere (he is a scribe of the people folks).  How about a story about a green as grass rookie medic getting urine on himself?  Sit down and enjoy the read.
Odds are, if you’re reading the book you’re already a fan of his blog, A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver, so many of the stories come direct from the blog, so it is replete with a sense of deja’ vu as you read.  While not a true narrative, it loosely traces his journey.  Life, love, loss, a hefty dose of snark, he paints us a picture of his experiences on the “bolance” that draws you in.

I think there are better tales on his blog, but I’m a huge fan of easy, no battery portability and this is nearly as good.  So if you’re an EMS junkie, AD groupie or just someone is search of a good tale from the seat of paramedic, there’s worse places to look for sure.


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