It’s Hot

Hot with a capital "F". It was in the high 80’s on my way to work last evening, edging it’s way to 90. Sure I spent my time in the desert, so I’m not unfamiliar with heat. But this was killing me. Guess I’m not as used to it as I once was.

But there is something about the heat here in Oregon. First, it seems hotter than it really is. We’ve got nothing on humidity compared to such places as the Deep South, but it still gets humid. Second, everyone seems to get stupider. I know that it is shock from having to ditch our North Face parkas and stumble out into the bright sunlight, but c’mon. I encountered so many idiots on the roads, head in the clouds, not paying attention, that I lost count. Even the docs are in on it as well. Had one document that the patient had "insulin controlled hypertension." Third, it just isn’t us. I moved here and love it here because we stay away from the extremes. We are the definition of mild, and I like it that way. When the temps climb into the 90’s it just makes me (and everyone else around here) cranky.

I know though I’ll be missing this when I’m riding to work in the dark, in pouring rain, with a nasty crosswind in the middle of December. But hey, I’ve got to bitch about something. Right?



  1. We, on the other hand, are having a mild summer –best I ever remember. Warm, low humidity days, but cool w/breeze in morning and evening. It’s beautiful! BUT, our census is so high, I want to scream when I look at the assignment sheet. We’re used to a nice drop in the summer, but we’ve gone the opposite direction. Strange…


  2. The reason the driving is worse is because ALL native Oregonians are trying to cope with that bright light in the sky. Some may think the are supposed to go toward it, others are trying to adjust their eyes to the unfamiliar brightness IN THE DAYTIME. It also helps explains the unnerving popularity of books with Vampire themes in them.


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