Happy Anniversary Kim!

5 4 years.  That’s how long Kim of Emergiblog fame has been providing us with tales of life as an ER nurse.  Tales of woe, compassion, a little burnout and all the rest that goes with being a nurse within our current medical establishment.  You have to hand it someone who has slogged through and toiled writing quality pieces for 5 years.  That’s dedication.  Not only that, she’s the creator and curator of one of the best blog carnivals on the Web, Change of  Shift.

Through her writing she sparked my desire to write again, to share with the world my own tale.  While I haven’t always been as steadfast of a contributor, nor a tireles adovcate (for bloggers and patients), I’ve tried to emulate her as I can.  Change of Shift was a wider exposure for me into the world of med-blogs, without the positives from that experience I can say that I probably would not be writing as I am today.  You have Kim to thank for that.

Granted, some of her choices are, well, suspect.  NASCAR?  Bud Light?  The Cleveland Browns?  We can let these minor indiscretions go as long as they keep her supplied with the fire to continue to write, advocate and be a nurse.

So *raising a glass of non-alocoholic beverage* (I have to work tonight), here’s to Kim.  May there be at least 5 more years!

***Well it looks like those “in-charge” of this can’t count.  But the sentiment is the same!


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