Change is good. Kind of.

So what’s the answer?
Why I ask is that I’ve been looking through themes, and well, I’m a little tired of what I have.  I’m thinking about spicing it up, re-arranging the furniture and stuff.  But I want to know if it worth the time and effort.  The only time I end up on someone’s actual site is to leave a comment (and there are those I avoid at all costs – Happy, I’m looking at you – it was like a hyperactive chihuahua designed yours, but that’s something entirely different) or like Nurse K, who won’t seem to syndicate her entire feed (that would be so much nicer/easier…).

Just fill out the poll.




  1. Off topic, but option 2 reminded me of a story Mick Jagger used to tell about performing in front of thousands, all cheering, then looking up and seeing a huge banner with the words “you suck” in 3 ft high letters. Struck me as funny, but maybe it loses something in the telling



    1. The band Primus used to embrace the idea that they sucked, in fact they would introduce themselves as, “We’re Primus and we suck!”


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