3 Years Ago

It was 3 years ago today that our beautiful baby daughter came into this world in a rush of chaos, shattered dreams and hope.

Three years ago today I sat alone in a back hallway unsure if either my wife or my daughter was alive.

Three years ago I felt pride swell up inside as I saw Mia for the very first time and knew I was a father.

Three years ago started the most unforgettable 8 days of my life that changed us forever.

Today would have been Mia’s third birthday.  In my mind’s eye I can see her as she would have been, but still remember her as she was.  She was with us for too short a time before returning to heaven, but it was a time I’ll cherish forever.

Happy birthday little one.  We still miss you.  Sleep well.

Mia's BLue Light



  1. Your loss is sad and huge. A beautiful tribute. She will always be in yours and your wifes heart and in spirit. Its good for you to remember and share a beautiful wee girl who touched your lives.
    Kind regards


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