Too True, Too Funny

Shoe expedition, part II « Cranky Epistles

I didn’t even know you could get Papagallos, Esquivals and Swarovski-encrusted Converse sneakers for kids. Moreover, why would you want to get crystal-encrusted-sneakers for your kid? What the fuck? What kid can go out and actually play in such ridiculousness?

*snerk* was the sound I made as I blew soda out my nose when I read that.  What?  You actually let kids go outside?  OK, I’m reporting to CPS…not.  Every summer day at 9am it was “go outside and do something, you’re not allowed back in until dinner.”

And the hipster shoe clerk?  We have a legion of those people in PDX, thankfully they confine themselves to dive bars, dive coffee houses, fixie bike meet-ups and indie rock shows.  They would not be working at *gasp* a mall…

We’ve decided that most people have more money than sense.

I hear ya’.  More money than brains.  Isn’t that the American way?

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