Paging Doctor Obvious

I know that your residents have told you in great detail that you must be careful around the nurses. They must be led to the right decisions and when you are not available, be given adequate, concise and precise instructions for the successful administration of medications and interventions to heal you patient. But really? Did you really need to write this order?

Hold lorazepam for respiratory depression or oversedation.

It’s not like we’re going to say, "Hmmm…Mrs. Smith is only breathing 11 times a minute and won’t stay awake for more than a brief moment, but she seems anxious. Maybe I she just needs a little more lorazepam…" Maybe some might though. But the vast majority of us do have the common sense not to do something as boneheaded as that, we don’t need it spelled out for us.

And also, taking 4 hours to write admit orders is just not kosher. Learn to speed it up a bit buddy.

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