True Health Care Refrom – TBATM

The Blog that Ate Manhattan: TBTAM on Healthcare Reform.

Great read.  And far too true.  While I may not totally agree with Mad as Hell Docs (not sold on single-payer), they tie in with the whole idea of cutting out lobbyists and making this a discussion between the us and our docs.  To Hell with Big Insurance, Big Pharma and the lot.  My favorite quote:

Healthcare won’t get fixed as long as the stakeholders in health care with the biggest voice in its reform are the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, medical device makers, lawyers and others whose business thrives on the increasing health care expenditures of the American public.

Asking these folks to help us reform healthcare is like asking Master Card, Walmart, Verizon and Best Buy to help figure out your monthly budget.

Damn straight.

h/t once again to Dr. Wes!


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