Deep Fried Delights

I’ve got this pain in my chest, *gasp* feels like an elephant sitting on it, *uhhhh* now it’s in my arm too, and I feel a little short of breath.  I just need another one of these:

Chicken-fried bacon
This was sold at the same stand where we found the country-fried pork chips, so we picked up a basket. Whoever named these the 2008 Best Taste Winners must have been seriously off their medication; chicken-fried bacon proved to be the very definition of too much of a good thing. The thick-sliced bacon fried in a crazy heavy country batter was so rich that one of our testers could only eat a single slice, and another managed only a single bite. At the risk of offending The A.V. Club’s bacon-is-God readership, this was where bacon jumped the shark. Grade: C- [Image via Flickr]

Job security?  Only if you live in Texas.

Read all about it at:

Texas Taste Test: Walkin’ in the deep-fried wonderland of the Texas State Fair | Features | | A.V. Austin.


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