The Work Week in Quotes

Some weeks are better than others.  But what can turn a bad week into a decent week is the things patients and your co-workers say.

“So is this one of them vibratin’ beds” asked the extremely odd dude being admitted.  “No sir, we don’t have Magic Fingers in the hospital.” replied his nurse.

“So, is he in sinus?” asked the nurse on getting report on a patient who is known to be in atrial fib after being told that the rate is in the 40’s.  “Yes,” replied the other nurse, “he’s in sinus, but it’s really irregular.”  Patient comes up in afib.

And my favorite for the week…

“Sorry, we’re all out of Dilaudid.  How about a lollipop?”  What we wished we could say to the obvisouly drug-seeking patient who thought they were staying at the Hilton and we were nothing but Pez dispensers of IV pain medication.

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