Funny Lookin’

We had just isolated a patient as it seemed they had C.Diff.  How did we know before we even sent a sample?  We’re nurses and rely heavily on the “deck method.”  Y’know, if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.  Translating that into poop, if it looks like the Diff, smells like the Diff and the patient is developing SIRS with a white count of nearly 20, we’re gonna’ guess it’s the Diff.  Lab tests?  Who needs that?  Nurses’ noses show and unbelievable 95% sensitivity and 98% specificity with diagnosing C.Diff.  But I digress…

So in isolation we gown up in the ever-fashionable yellow splatter-proof gowns, gloves and sometimes masks with just a touch of wintergreen oil to care for the patients.  The patient who was isolation thought we were just the funniest thing since Jerry Lewis.  As we walked in she looked up and giggled, “You guys look silly!”

From the mouths our elders…


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