A Look Back

I got thinking today how my life has changed in the last decade.  Decade?  That’s kind of a weird concept, I mean usually it is looking at a year gone by, not ten.  Suffice to say the last ten years have been the hardest years of my life, well OK, last 13 or so to be honest, but looking where I’ve been makes me think of where I’m going.

I started the decade off dancing with my girlfriend (later to be my wife) to Lonestar in the bar of the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, then waking to several inches of snow the next morning.  I ended it with some work colleagues in an empty room watching the ball drop in Times Square – Dick Clark looks just like he did 10 years ago.

Then I got thinking, how does it really break down?

7 moves, including to and from Arizona.

6 jobs, including what I have now.

6 cars.

2 “real” vacations.  Going to visit family does not count.  Usually, it is not fun, nor is it relaxing.  Cross-country moves don’t count either.

Hundreds of songs, books, tapes, movies, games consumed.

Digging ourselves deep into the debt, then (still) trying to climb back out.

2 pregnancies that ended in heartbreak, with 2 angels, one who we got to know, the other not.

2 times I thought my wife was going to die.

1 career that found me, which I love.

1 marriage to the woman I love, that in spite of everything we’ve been through is still strong.

1 decade of trials, good times and bad times, a decade I am more than ready to leave behind.  I hope the next decade is a little better.



  1. Wow, that is such a decade. I cannot top that, esp. the cars, jobs, and moves. OK, maybe I top you on taking vacations. I go twice a year, real ones, yes–to keep me sane. Have a happy new year, and less busy this new upcoming decade, I hope.


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