That’s Just Wrong

Not too long ago we had a patient on our obs unit who was dealing with some issues of constipation.  Unfortunately, they had 2 things working against them.  First, was being born with a congenital defect requiring surgery and leading them to a life of issues with their bowels.  Second, was being admitted to obs by Dr. Jackass.

Dr. Jackass wrote that the patient would be able to discharge after having a bowel movement.    After a phone call by the nurse for some pain medication, he decides to send things into overdrive and orders the following:

“continuous soap suds enema with rectal tube until clear”

“Say what?!” asked the nurse.

“Say what?!” asked the charge nurse.

“Fuck that!” said the patient who was young, alert, oriented and appropriate.

“He ordered what?!” asked Dr. I-have-a-clue who was the overnight cross-cover, “Yeah, nix that.  Go ahead and try a soap suds enema x1 – if they’ll let you.”

No enema.  Patient pooped, slept and went home.  Nice simple resolution.

original image here.


  1. Gee, our Dr Jackass works with you? Pretty long commute eh?

    The getting the order changed with the new doc is a great old trick…but speaks volumes about nurses having to resort to subterfuge to ensure properpatient care. ..


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