No More Streakers?

Traditional hospital gowns which expose patients’ backsides could soon be a thing of the past as part of a dignity push across the NHS.

Trusts are introducing new wraparound garments which tie at the side rather than the back – ensuring their wearer’s rear is not exposed on the wards.

Patients have long complained about the old-style gowns, which are designed to allow surgeons and doctors easy access to their body, but do nothing for patients’ dignity when they are walking around a hospital.

Not only are they embarrassing, they can also be uncomfortable – the lack of a back means they can be very draughty to wear.

via ‘Bottom-flashing’ hospital gowns replaced by new, ‘modesty’ version | Mail Online.

I guess I’m just used to little old dudes up for their 6am constitutional with the back flapping in the breeze on their way through the ward.  I will say the gowns are pretty much horrible – even to those working with them.  We snap our gowns at the shoulders so when you’re getting a new one it’s like Build-A-Gown, which sucks when you’re trying to be quick.  But the one saving grace of the old-skool gowns is the ease in which we can change someone who is in bed.  Besides the chronically bed-bound, there are times when the patient can’t get out of bed, like after an angio and the gown needs to be changed.  Easy and simple with the open back, but I’m sure the new desgnn takes this into account…


One Comment

  1. I think there is a need for an updated version of the open backed gown but also a place for the old version. Like stated, the bed bound patient needs a gown that is open in the back for easy changing and bedpan capabilities. The walkie-talkie needs a gown that affords more modesty. In the ideal setting, both would be available to the nursing staff.


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