Medicine Like 1699

Was helping a colleague out with a chart check late one dark and stormy night and came across a progress note from the chaplain.  Intrigued by the content and noting he was responding to an order in the system, I went searching for the order itself.  A couple of pages down I found it and it read:

Spiritual Care Consult – Reason: possible demonic possession.

Now granted, the patient was all sorts of crazy, alternating between catatonic states with rabid manic outbursts.  They looked much like the freaky chick from “The Ring”.  Acting like stark raving mad lunatic may seem to generate a need for an exorcism, but we’re not that society any more.  While I think that putting people in the stocks for petty crimes might be a good thing and that we’re using leeches for medical therapy,  maybe we’ve moved past the time where issues of the psyche were cured by the exorcisms of the “unclean” spirit.

Or have we?


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