Allow me to indulge a small self-pity moment…

Went to the doc last week, looks like I have sleep apnea (my neighbors could tell you that), my asthma is worse that I thought, my vitamin D and testosterone are probably low, my cholesterol is (kind of) high, my CRP sucks and I need to stay on my BP meds.

OK, I can deal.  Sleep study, ok.  Steroid burst, whatever.  Better regulate my diet and (re)start to exercise, now that I’m breathing better, it’s not such a daunting task.  I can do this.

Then we find out on Saturday that some piece of shit, worthless, bottom-dwelling, scum-sucking, reject turd of a rotten crotch cleaned out our checking account with a stolen check(s).  That has caused our rent payment to disappear and now the landlord is threatening to give us the ol’ heave ho’ unless we can get the bank working at a faster than (non-global warming) glacial pace.

Compared to others though, my life is good, so now I’ll shut the hell up.



  1. I trust you’ve gone to your branch bank and filed.fraud affidavits, as well as given them copies of the police report. There are rules governing how quickly they have to replace any funds lost via fraud. It depends on whether it’s a federally or state chartered institution, I think.

    If you need additional assistance, feel free to contact.me via email.


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