Wound Vac on the Cheap

…negative pressure system dressings can be kept in place for days at a time, all while speeding up healing. Up until now, the $100 per day rental systems have been out of reach for the developing world, but MIT student Danielle Zurovcik recently developed a negative pressure pump that costs just $3 to build.

via $3 Healing Device Speeds Up Wound Treatment | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World.

Wound vacs are, well, kind of fun.  There’s a sense of achievement that comes with being able to bridge wounds, fix the leaks and help the patient heal.  It’s nifty tech for sure.

Unfortunately, as the author points out, the gurus like KCI will never let this appear in the US.  Why let a cheap version out when you can charge $100/day?  It will be great however for under-developed regions like Haiti where the need is great and the availability is absent.



  1. 3$ because it is probably a mass produced toilet plunger modified according to reddit commenters.

    It doesn’t take away the genius of the woman who put it together ( out of common items) and sold it successfully as a medical suction pump.


  2. I definitely remember a ton of wounds from when I volunteered in India that could have used negative pressure. This might give some a realistic affordable way to make that happen.


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