Satisfied Customers (is BS)

More Satisfied Customers | WhiteCoat’s Call Room.

He nails it.  Here’s the best quote:

Treat a judge like this and you get thrown in jail for contempt of court.
Treat an employee this way and you get sued for harassment or sexual discrimination.
Treat an average person on the street like this and you get a fist in your mouth.

When people can come to your place of employment and treat you like a piece of toilet paper – yet your continued employment depends on pleasing “each one of them every time,” it’s time to think about whether to continue practicing medicine.

One Comment

  1. Love this perspective on patient satisfaction! Over the last few years, administration is placing all their hopes for high patient satisfaction scores on the backs of the nurse. Read the research, patient satisfaction goes up when nurse to patient ratios go down. If administration wants to see those great scores, staff the units appropriately.


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