Surely Make You Lose Your Mind

Thanks to Ian over at impactED Nurse found a new and awesome blog:  Life in the Fast Lane.

Smart, well written and chock full of little interesting tidbits.  Or just some twisted trivia

  • At the end of the 19th century, hot irrigations with large volumes of saline were administered with Kemp’s double-current rectal tubes for what purpose?
  • For non-obstructive anuria… large hot irrigations, with normal salt solution, with Kemp’s doulbe-current rectal tubes, should be tried, as they are stated to stimulate the activity of the kidneys in a remarkable way.

Anyone who can dig up trivia related to rectal tubes in a winner in my book!


One Comment

  1. Thanks for the thumbs up, Wanderer.
    I’d been waiting to put my knowledge of Kemp’s double-current rectal tubes to use for a while now…
    Chris from


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