Musical Saturday Morning

Tucked safely in the grasp of public transit for my commute this morning I was hit with an avalanche of great music thanks to the “shuffle” setting on my iPod.  Granted the last thing one needs after a night in the trenches is a refreshing blast of punk, metal, country and hip-hop blowing your ears off, but damn it was fun.  And I have to share the love.

Bad Brains, one of the all-time best hardcore punk bands.

Who doesn’t love the Beasties?  This is the track that re-ignited my love for the Beastie Boys way back in ’92.

A great song from a seminal grunge band, but Cash takes it and makes it his own in a version that is better than the original

There was local cover band playing at the Farmer’s Market this morning, but this version is better than theirs…


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