Who’s Your Daddie?

Summer is finally here.  What do I love about summer?  Besides beer, barbecue and sun?  Outdoor concerts.  Yup.  Nothing says summer like a big outdoor festival, or small show in the local park.

Yesterday I saw the Cherry Poppin Daddies (yes, Zoot Suit Riot) as part of a local parks and rec concert series.  It’s sad in a way to think that these guys who once rocked out on Letterman were reduced to the casino/parks & red circuit, but they still put on an awesome show.  It was odd to see them in a family friendly atmosphere considering the last time I saw them was in a small seedy club that was not family-friendly.  So in honor of the boys from Eugene (Oregon baby!), and the one dude skankin’ in the front row the whole show, I found some great live clips.

Here Comes the Snake.  Hmmm…friendly?  Maybe.

Don Quixote.

Irish Whiskey.  Yes I’ll have one and drink to departed friends.

The world though only knows them for swing.  And for one song.  It’s good.  It’s fun live.  But there is better in the catalog.  Who’s you daddie?  Yes.  I am.


One Comment

  1. I had heard about the concert this week, but I had the opposite reaction. For me it was a trip down memory lane to my first encounters with the “Daddies” when they would do noon concerts in the park blocks at PSU on a semi-regular basis. This was in the early 90s, well before they were on the radio or dreamed of a set on Letterman. Sad that they have fallen all the way back? Maybe, but I couldn’t help a grin at all of the happy memories of the crowds they drew back then


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