Who Cares if I’m Gay or Not?

Can We Stop the I’m-a-Male-Nurse-Who-Isn’t-Gay-Contrary-to-the-Stereotype Routine? « Those Emergency Blues.

Awesome piece!

It’s what I tell my patients:  I am a nurse.  My gender/sexual orientation/going to be a doctor, all of that bullshit means nothing.  I am a nurse.  A professional, educated and capable.  I am a nurse.  Just so happens to be that I’m a man.

And it doesn’t matter.  I am a nurse.


  1. Would anyone really care if they were in desperate need of your medical attention? I doubt it. Sometimes what is really important gets lost in all the judgments. I hope you are around if I need medical expertise. End of story.


    1. Yes, mostly people who are throwback to an earlier era where docs were docs and men in nursing were, suspect.


  2. We have 3 nurses in my family, and I am the only female. I think male nurses are awesome, and I see male patients gravitate to you guys. It is funny when patients are discharged home and get their patient satisfaction surveys they never forget their male nurses. It seems you have the advantage of standing out in that way.:)


  3. Unfortunately for those who are in ‘traditional gender-specific roles’ we live in a time of Extreme Gay Activism where EVERYBODY seems to feel some need to wear a sign indicating their sexual orientation. This cannot be good for those, including myself, who do NOT care or want to KNOW about what the next person does in his/her bedroom.
    Unfortunately for Nurses who happen to be Male the media and popular culture seems to be determined to ‘out’ everyone as Gay or Straight.
    I have NO problem with persons who are Gay or Lesbian so long as they do not try to shove their preference down everyone else’s throat.
    The current militant activists have essentially taken over the Anglican/Episcopal Church by using liberal female priests to forward their agenda. I don’t really know what it is that they want but it certainly is NOT equality!


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