Saturday Linky-Linky

I’ve been holed up on the couch or 2 days dealing with a rather nasty GI issue and all of my ideas are literally in the crapper.  In the fashion of bloggers everywhere, here’s a link post.  Enjoy!

Happy Halloween!  No really, enjoy the condoms given out as trick-or-treat items by one local family.  Of course you have the debate between the progressive and pragmatic givers (both of whom are doctors) in providing prophylactics to high-school age revelers – ’cause giving a teen condoms will make them sexually active – and the prudish small town head-in-sand folks who believe that they should be the ones to teach sex to their children (but never do…).

Got MRSANDM-1 E.coli?  Got some other nasty resistant bacteria that nothing in our arsenal will cure?  Good news, the federal government is looking at subsidies tot he pharmaceutical industry to promote research in to new antibiotics.  Of course, this isn’t going to happen quickly, so by the time we have full-blown VRSA and NDM-1 MRSA we might have something to throw at it.  Maybe.  And considering the shape and mentality of the government now, highly unlikely.

Can we make up our minds?  One moment it’s good for you, the next it increases your stroke risk.  And health care providers drink it by the gallon:  coffee.  New study shows increased risk of stroke for infrequent drinkers of the stuff. So I guess if you pound cups daily you’re OK?    h/t to Sean at My Strong Medicine for this one.

Some days life gets in the way of blogging.  Some weeks that goes on for awhile as the rest of life gets in the way.  It’s not that I’ve lost the passion for writing, life just gets in the way.  It’s all about the life cycle of a blog. I’m not on life support, just trucking (slowly) along.

Finally I’ve figured out where my next vacation will be:  my own private island (for a week). Now that I have the where, I need to the figure the when and how parts.  That’s the hard part.
Enjoy the weekend!  Off to make pancakes!

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