Oooh. C.Diff!

Those that follow my Tweatstream saw this pic the other day.  It is the inside of a piece of colon removed from a patient with a fulminant C.Diff infection that was making them septic.  Those little yellow dots are the pseudomembranes that are the hallmark of pseudomembranous colitis. That and the excessive nasty diarrhea.

Yes Virginia, those are in your colon.

Someone posted this video clip on YouTube which shows the same thing, only when it is still inside.  Have we no shame?

This post brought to you thanks to a talk given by a surgeon who was speaking about nutraceuticals (antioxidants, probiotics and what have you) in the treatment of ICU patients.  Really interesting field of research with pretty spectacular outcomes when it comes to mortality, but leave it to a floor nurse to fixate on something dealing with poop!

One Comment

  1. I am a rehab nurse, and trust me, I know a lot about poop, but I absolutely hate C-diff.

    The smell, that golden color, just makes me want to leave the premises and drown myself in bleach. Ugh!

    C diff is pretty darned scary. Two people I’ve taken care of died of complications from C. diff. Just horrible.


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