Head for the Polls

Tomorrow our great nation performs the ritual that makes it great:  voting.  We go to select leaders who we feel will best support our views, fulfill our needs and add to the prosperity of our nation.  It is a noble thing to serve one’s constituents, putting the needs of the many above the needs of the one.

I feel that in our country today, torn by negativity, bias, hateful rhetoric on both sides should have to take a day to step back, forget all of the nonsense, all of the bullshit, all of the false misleading ads, all of the things politicians say to get and stay elected and have a rational discussion of what is best for our country.  What is best for the whole?  How can we affect the greater good with our decisions?  This year we’re voting out of anger.  We place the blame and misfortune of years of mismanagement squarely on the heads of our current leaders forgetting that it took years to get us to this place…and it will take years to get us out.  You have to think about the issues rationally, try to sort through the bias that both sides spew to find the truth.  Realize the your decisions tomorrow can and will make a difference, good or bad, for the next several years.

So go to the polls tomorrow.  Don’t go angry, go with a clear head, a rational head and think what ramifications your vote might bring for the next 2, 4, or more years.  Choose the best candidate, not the one who has spent the most, slung the most mud, told the most half-truths and lies to win your vote.  Choose the ones that will benefit your district and your country.  Division will get us nowhere, rationality should win the day and unity will lead us on.