Obviously the Public Still Doesn’t Get It

Trouble is that patients still seem to think that nurses are not real people. I would be angry if nobody cared about my safety from an institutional standpoint, as was the case in my previous post, but that does not apply in my current position. The issue that steams me lately is the apparently novel idea that nurses are not waitresses, punching bags, ignorant children, maids, or housekeepers. I’m tired not only of being punched and kicked, but also of being ordered around (“go get me some water”) and even of, eg, being belched on. Would you burp on someone anywhere else and blow it in her face? No! So why is it OK when it’s a nurse? Where is it written that normal rules of adult engagement are off when one party is a nurse?

via Commentary on “Hospital staff sick of violent drunks” | Not Nurse Ratched.

There must be a magical aura around hospitals where behavior that is unacceptable ANYWHERE else is suddenly acceptable.  Nurses get the brunt of it.  Sorry, getting hit, spit on, yelled at and generally treated like shit is nowhere in my job description.  Really, I’ve looked and read my job description.  Not there, sorry.

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