Nursing Shortage? Not in Some Eyes.

I know this rant has been making the rounds on Twitter.  It is full of rage, a touch of woe is me and the grim reality of the situation we place so many new grads in.  A quote (shield your eyes if easily offended…)

Czech nursing students.

Image via Wikipedia: They got jobs.

Well, after a year of getting rejected I have finally decided to give nursing the bird. FUCK YOU NURSING FIELD! Too bad the schools and media are still insisting that people go to RN school. Believe me THERE IS NO FUCKING SHORTAGE! New grads are considered garbage. On top of that, the degree serves no purpose in any other setting. BSN is a complete waste of time and money.   …And it is not just the economy. Hospitals turning huge profits stopped new grad programs and hire foreigners.

Wow.  The rest continues on in a rant that she (assuming a she) will never get a job, never put her degree to use and that she wasted 6 years of her life.

First gut reaction:  she’s right.  It sucks to be told there is a ready market of jobs just waiting for new grads.  Read too many job requirements of  “at least 2 years experience” and raged at the screen saying, “How am I supposed to get experience if I can’t get a job?  WTF?!”  I know many, many grads who have cycled through our unit for practicum who have yet to find jobs.  We have nurses on our unit who jumped at the first offer (methadone clinic anyone?) but persevered and got the jobs they wanted.  In fact that was me.  I got lucky.  I can empathize.  The betrayal of it all is painful, kind of like when you realized Santa was not real, or your girlfriend was banging your best friend.

Second reaction:  buh-bye.  Maybe we’re (as a profession) better off not having this person in our ranks.  Nursing is not easy…what happens the first time they get a difficult assignment?  Or have “one of those days”?  Run out?  Quit?  Nothing in this profession is given to you, one has to work for it.  Take for example NurseXY, who landed his dream job in a world-class CVICU.  Seriously, go read his stuff, he worked his ass off for it.  Nothing was easy.  No one ever promised (at least anymore) that a job would be waiting right when you passed NCLEX – and if they did you should make sure they aren’t selling a pile of hooey.  Just because there is a nursing shortage does nothing to guarantee you a job just because you passed the boards.  Anyone who degrades their education to this degree and doesn’t realize that sometimes sacrifice is a needed part of our job has no place being a nurse.

Final reaction:  no seriously, buh-bye.  If you want to work as a nurse enough to devote 6 years and thousand of dollars to do so, giving up isn’t an option.  She never says that she looked out of state for jobs, into different avenues than the traditional hospital based nurse or for other ways to be a nurse.  Our system interviewed over 500 grads for spots in our residency program and they came from all over the Northwest.  They tried to make it work.  There is nothing to say she did this, just a whiny, “why isn’t it given to me!” rant.  We have too many toxic personalities in nursing and truly don’t need anymore.

I know this is harsh.  Maybe this person is a amazing nurse, top notch clinical skills with empathy to boot, is driven far beyond belief and tried EVERY avenue to make things work, but based on what I’m reading, what they posted onto the internet for everyone to read, I doubt it.  And with this rant, I doubt any but the most desperate, worst, idiot recruiter would ever even consider asking for a resume.  I know it sucks, but maybe it’s for the better.


  1. BSN is not a waste of time and money it is a requirement for entry to practice in many, many countries including Canada (not so in the US)
    Just because you cannot get a job does not mean there is no nursing shortage. It just means that employers are not hiring.
    The term nursing shortage is applied generally but in fact shortages are regional. In some regions nurses are working way too much overtime.

    Nursing shortages are also cyclical. Every ten years or so there is a downturn in the number of jobs available but it always corrects.

    I cannot for the life of me fathom why hiring foreigners would be a sign that there is no nursing shortage? Wouldn’t employers only go for foreign recruitment if they are having difficulty filling the jobs that are available?
    and what does that have to do with new grads – I am not sure of the statistics in the US but a large number of internationally educated nurses that come to Canada are new grads too!


    1. You ask why they hire foreigners? Really. In my area they hire foreigners from the Phillipines for LESS MONEY. Plus their personality is; THEY WILL NOT SAY ANYTHING. They do as they are told. Never mind the patients are treated rudely and not honestly cared for. Heck, the paperwork looks like it was all done. You still wonder why they hire foreigners?


      1. hello????? look at yourself in the mirror before you talk and face the reality that filipino nurses are smarter than you

      2. Go to hell you Pinoy slag. It’s cows like u that make the nursing field an absolute joke, and don’t get me started on the amount of absolute Pinoy morons I’ve encountered in my nursing experience. Do u know why they hire pinoys? Simple fact that they are mindless and spineless drones who will work for chump change, and will lie outta their ugly asses on the paperwork. They will also hunt in packs, and mercilessly tear anyone apart who isn’t a part of their Pinoy mafia clique. Go ahead and gloat along with your Pinoy hyena pack, but those who you run out of the wards will return as your boss, and see straight through your fowl games.

    1. Reaiity needs to be a major issue here. You sound like you have no empathy. I am a lucky (or unlucky) one I have a job. It is a drain on my soul every single day. Nurses (in my area) are constantly under the gun. We are told, if we say something IN FAVOR OF PATIENT SAFETY/CARE, “you don’t like it there is the door, we have plenty of nurses walking the streets wanting your job.” No joke. Again, typical nursing field; BULLYING


  2. Hi. I have been reading your blog for a few months now. You are actually one of those anonymous bloggers who inspired me to start my own blog. Guess I contributed to your stat mark yey!

    Anyway, that is such a frightening post because well I am a foreign nurse about to take the NCLEX next month. I have sacrificed a whole lot for this too. Nursing school was not easy and I had to work part time and study and work my ass out everyday to get me through NCLEX and other requiremnts. It sucks to know somebody who is already there is so disheartened with the profession to be doing something like this. It really is hard. But I will make it work. I’m just 22. I believe there is still time and opportunity on my side….


  3. In my 35 years of nursing, There have been 3 “floods of the market” re: nursing.
    It IS cyclical. When I first got into nursing 35 years ago, people were saying to me, “why are you going into nursing?? Don’t you know there is no longer a shortage?? No one is hiring…”

    That came and went. This will too, and if someone isn’t willing to do what they have to to get a job, any job…..well, I have no sympathy.


    1. This one is different. Compounded by the Healthcare Reform and greedy CEO’s making sure they get a big piece of the pie. Do you know how much your CEO makes per hour? Do you see management cut nursing to the bare bones? Send nurses home daily when the numbers drop. The wheels of the cart or W/C aren’t even off the floor and they are sending nurses home. NEVER mind what the acuity is of the patients left, managers here CHANGE that or totally disregard the acuity. Don’t know where you all work but it ain’t a pretty site here. Every single day nurses are expected to do the IMPOSSIBLE. They speak up here and they are history! Seen it over and over.


      1. You know Suki, I’m trying to figure out if you are a nurse because If you are a nurse, i think you were forced to go into nursing school because of money. You are sooooooooo angry…..tsk….. tsk….tsk….

      2. Piss off Gabriela, who the hell do you think you are judging Suki? In actual fact YOU seem like the one who is in it for the money, because you clearly don’t give a shit about the problems in nursing. Suki actually cares about her patients, for which is more than I can say about you. However, that is nothing I don’t expect from ‘quality imported pinoy so-called nurse’. Do us all a favour, and go back not caring and mistreating your patients.

  4. Amen to buh bye! I agree, we have many who are not willing to seek out a job in other nursing related fields, but instead whine and complain that they don’t get the day shift job in an acute care unit. From my neck of the woods, as long as someone is willing to go beyond the basic NCLEX, there are plenty of nursing positions. Take a critical care course, take a L & D course, consider long term care for a while–Just don’t sit back and whine that you can’t get what you want!


  5. Ky, you could not have said it better!! I am a Pre-Nursing student and this has been my observation on various threads. There ARE jobs! If you do not see them now, you WILL! Though all fields are being affected in one way or another in this economy, I still believe that medical careers will hold the most “constants.” For those that REALLY want a position within a particular setting, perhaps you’ll have to just hold out and take something else in the meantime, til one becomes available.


  6. In his or her defense you can’t pass judgment on how they feel. You don’t know what circumstances they may have or how much effort they have put in. I think instead of telling them that we don’t need them in this profession is being just as negative. Instead we should be encouraging them to remind themselves of why they chose this profession and to have faith. I myself graduated in 2009 and have yet to be employed. I have applied to different states as well as to positions that are not my first choice. I even volunteered. Sometimes people reach their limits and you can’t blame em. How much longer do you pursue before you give up? Well that depends on how much fight you have in you. I think I have another 5 years in me before I call it quits.


    1. It also depends of how many kids you have and If you’r the sole supporter. Fact of the matter is that no one works for free. (at least last I checked) You can fight the good fight for only so long before not being able to feed your kids breaks you. Then you’r willing to take any job just to feed them. Frankly until you’ve walked that long mile in someones shoes. i just don’t know that you can pass judgment. Sorry.


  7. Oh and pardon the spelling It’s 5 am and I’ve been up all night looking for work as an RN before giving up at 4:30 and having 2 x scotch!


  8. I agree I have 6 years experience as an EEN in multiple fields of nursing and have completed a Ba nursing and all I got was 2x rural NSW offers which my partner told me she would leave if I accepted them. Now I’m totally F**ked and so is my relationship. I completed the degree so I could upskill, what a f**king joke. The role is soooo much different in terms of medical/surgical nursing! Wow I can hang some AB’s, fluids, initiate PRN meds and thats about it. I know people will say ohh but you can initiate care pathways and have more responsibility. Bulls**t! I have had to do this as an EEN because private hospitals are to cheap to hire many RN’s. I now have to wait until next grad intake in 10 months time and I will deskill. I will be taking any offers I get as my partner and I will probably not last much longer. The irony was she was affraid that if I worked in another state for my grad year or relationship would not last. I can tell you or relationship is not going to last! F**k this!


  9. That quote exactly describes my situation, you shouldn’t even say anything because you got your job and you don’t understand the struggle the recent graduates had to endure, myself going on three years. Nursing can fuck itself as far as I’m concerned.


  10. No, the angry comment in the post is right, there is no shortage whatsoever, I know of many people, including family, with many years of experience who cannot get jobs or even interviews anywhere whatsoever. When an RN with nearly 20 years experience needs to rely on unemployment and food stamps to survive clearly something isn’t right here, and maybe it has nothing to do with the person in question and rather this absolute bullshit perception of the “shortage myth” which has as much veracity as the Loch Ness monster and creationist science at this point. Indeed, Mr. Wanderer how DARE people who spent so much money and time they will never get back on a nursing degree due to a widespread media myth as a “shortage” and pay the consequences for it feel resentful! But no the person swears so clearly it is best to negatively judge this person as an unfit nurse! What a waste of blogspace you are. Maybe try understanding people and the struggles they go through in this downtrodden economy instead of snidely sticking your nose up at people who aren’t well-groomed trust-fund yuppie types such as yourself. With such a disgusting attitude, Wanderer I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re the type that abuses the patients and co-workers simply for not being of such fine upper-class breeding as yourself (but I won’t judge as I don’t know you and to be honest I never want to). Good day and may you drown in a lake!


  11. i found this post to be lacking in caring and compassion–two things that lay the foundation of nursing. this sort of horizontal violence is so prevalent in the nursing profession and exactly the kind of thing that decreases the legitimacy of nursing in the eyes of other healthcare professions. just as you shame the ranter, you should be shamed yourself. in this case, you’ve shown too much nursing and not enough humanity.


  12. The facts DO NEED to come out. THERE IS NO NURSING SHORTAGE. Period. Why encourage young people to go to school based on a lie? Typical nurse. Bullying and abusive behavior. I rather they know the truth. BTW, I’m an old nurse well seasoned with variety of experiences, education and witness to major abuses of nurses. I would NEVER encourage anyone I care about to go into a pretend profession on the basis of a lie. It is much more expensive these days to get through a BSN program. I continue to work like a dog (while no water bottles are allowed nearby) we get dehydrated. We can’t go take a potty break (we get UTI’s) and we are fiercely intimidated and threatened daily with our very own pracitce. Note, I am an excellent nurse and never had a complaint on my license. However, open your eyes as to what is going on today in thei field. Nurses are getting pulled before the boards for ridiculous reasons and conjured up fabricated lies. Nope, I would NOT encourage any young intelligent caring person to go into nursing today. Me? I’m too old and too broke to return to school for another career. My joy is still being with the patients and family. The system? You can take that and shove it.


    1. Suki
      thank God youu and others speak up. Yes. This mythical shortage is different….. i saw ads 15 yrs ago for nurses and how nurses “were so needed and healthcare cannot seem to keep nurses” this shortage is a lie. A very vvicious lie. Its just pure wrong to perpetuate this BS and put people in debt 60 to 100k???? Thqts insane. For a degree where theyll probably be run out the door and crying to get the h… out. There is something very wrong with our society now. There is NOTHING out there for people to go to. I almost wonder if its just to shove the impossible onto a newbie and the stupid hospital ceos can then assume the newbies will be run out the door and not pay mmuch at all. It is the impossible. And most nursing coworkers in a hopsital? R just evil. Administration too. Dont become a nurse. It is NOT what you think it is.


      1. Its also disgusting the private colleges are just building and expanding their stupid nursing programs and there isnt anything there. Nurse practitioner? Why do we need so many when the nurse at the bedside is suppposedly needed MORE. The colleges are making a huge amount of money off the nursing shortage myth. There really are NO jobs in nursing. The only reason it appears that way on hosptial websites is b/c the last newbie nurse was harassed out of that position. Good luck in the pirahna tank. Thats what it is.

  13. Thanks Suki for your honesty. I really need to rethink again about investing myself into nursing. (Especailly consider my age and financial situation, I do not waste either of them.)


  14. Hello! Here’s my story. Was working in the healthcare field as Medical Assistant, then at 40 years of age, decided to go into nursing. Worked as Admitting Rep while attending nursing school. Graduated summer 2010. No jobs, kept working at adm rep making 18/hr with free medical ins, god bless, I was employed! No stress! Nov 2011 got into Hospital as RN, med-surg, “didn’t meet probation” wink, wink. My experience was negative, and I finally learned that there is this mafia in healthcare.

    Administrators do not have LICENSES to practice their jobs, they are not accountable to anyone, they only care about the bottom line, PROFITS, they only want to take in patients so their revenue increases, they get their bonuses. The more patients a nurse take the more risk on his/her license, the less the quality of nurse care, the more stressed out a nurse we have, the more revenue that nurse is generating to the hospital. Administrators do not care about the quality of patient care, much less the nurse, at the end, administrators know if something happens to the patient, they can blame the nurse because she/he is accountable to a Nursing board because she/he is taking assignment of 2 to 30 patients, depending on the setting. as I call it: ” administrators wash their hands on my license”

    The only governing bodies adminstrators are “fearful” of are MEDICARE and the JOINT COMMISSION these two work in tandem to make sure that hospitals meet criteria to get Federal Money! once these two agencies start actually looking into how the nurse to patient ratio affect clinical outcomes, and not profits, then we’re going to see a change is this rampant abuse of human labor aka nursing labor and abuse, meanwhile nurses are still going to get abused.

    As for me, December 2012, I’m still looking for work, but what I’m finding is that all levels in nursing jobs (hospice, LTC, home health, agency) are asking for at least: “minimum one year of acute care experience in a hospital setting” Chuckle, I see the Mafia tentacles. Hospitals are the only places in which a new grad gets experience, but right now is not PROFITABLE for hospitals to do that, so we go back to: “how am I going to get experience?…” song. I apply and no takers. I was thinking about moving to Mexico and practice nursing there, get my one year experience and come back, but I was looking at the add from a placing agency that read: “three years of experience in a U.S hospital” Oh, man! I cannot win. I interviewed for two Admitting rep jobs but once they learned I was a nurse, they withdrew their offers. Dang! not enough experience as a nurse, over qualified as Admitting rep. I’m living and paying my student loan off my savings, cause in this job market if your credit sucks, you get no job, ha, do you see the irony? but I’m runing out of money and options, and I’m no longer a new grad either. My ACLS expires next year, but I don’t feel like paying the money to keep it, for what?!
    I was happy being an admitting rep, but I gambled and went for nursing instead, now I find my self older, and with neither job. I don’t know what I’m gonna do once the money runs out and find myself without a job. I’m healthy. Life is good!


  15. I agree with the quoted poster. Universities and hospitals make a shitload of $$$ off the lie of nursing shortage and the promise of a career. I graduated with honors, even joined Sigma Theta Tau the invitation only nursing honor society, have a prior career in health care, and have a lot of additional training and certifications. I’m a man, and a gay man in Texas no less, so all the fat, insecure, female nursing managers see when they interview me is someone with a penis and no children who could work more than them, is ambitious, and could be be their boss in two years. No nursing job for me and I graduated December of 2012. Nursing isn’t a promising career in this economy anyway, because too many people are willing to take the lousiest pay for the lousiest environment, and smile while asking to be dry fucked one more time. For all of you who think we should have a more sunny disposition because you have been more fortunate in the field, I say good for you, take a look at what new nurses are promised in comparison to what we actually are offered and just consider yourself lucky. You are not more skilled than we are, you are fortunate ( ie. lucky), and probably had an in to your hospital environment to start with (you knew someone). If you think our frustration after spending all our time and money for 3-4 years of nursing school only to get nothing in return means we are whiners and the field is better off without us- to you I say fuck you, and may the gods of pancreatic cancer give you a big wet kiss on the mouth.


  16. Wow! Doing a paper for one of my MHA classes on the “Nursing Shortage”. I was under the impression that there was a nursing shortage until I came to this blog. I can see both sides but especially the frustration of those that can’t find a job. However, “Walking Away Now”, you have serious problems when you can include your last sentence in your post.


  17. I love it how the author states she got lucky and can empathize, but tells the frustrated nurse whom the article is about, “buh-bye”. It’s too bad how people who have no clue can judge others so quickly while pretending to be the bigger person. Shame on you and everyone else who is trashing the quoted nurse. You guys talk about how someone like that doesn’t belong in the nursing field…it’s the elitist, judgmental ones who don’t belong in the nursing field because it is you who don’t have the ability to see when a person is struggling and needs to be cared for.


  18. I wouldn’t just assume the person who got quoted on twitter wasn’t looking for jobs outside of hospitals. I’ve been looking in rehab centers, nursing homes, federal and state agencies, non-profits, all sorts of departments, in 4 different cities– and still have no luck. I’m about to just go and try and see if they’ll let me work as a CNA. Pretty desperate right here.


  19. giving up no option

    how boUT if in school they accuse yout of sexual inaprpriate behaviour in labs. I was doing routine assessments.

    they tried to. force me to sign it. I was told to. wear a ring

    at my first school the students bullying was never addressed nor was the behaviour of the clinical. teachers I was routinely threatened mouth shut

    is there a point were we can.quit..cause I don’t need this shit


  20. hi we can’t quit

    I went to. 2 schools straight A marks was rep.of my classes. iam 47 years old

    at I was teamed uo.on by classmates till I was placed class.then the teacher threatened and teamed I was routinely threatened in front of my classes to keep my mouth shut after making a complaint.

    then at new school.I was accused of sexual.inaprpriate behaviour during routine assessment. I havery worked with patient in clinicals and as a cna

    is there a point of continuing if we get treated this bad. my nursing experience was horrible. it’s full of vindictive and catty. people

    this field needs an overhaul


  21. Nursing is a very highly stressful job that sucked the life right out of me. Nursing does not take care of its own. The lack of compassion alone in the second posting is evidence of that. Instead, why don’t you use your skills to empower these new grads by educating the current nursing administration that apprenticeship is a huge piece to accruing an effective and strong nursing team. I am gladly leaving the profession. When hospital administrators and men stop making the decisions for a largely female profession where money is the sole aim rather than allowing nurses to dictate how the profession practices, then maybe I’ll consider coming back. Get a degree in ANYTHING else!


  22. I echo the frustration of the quoted individual. 6 years of my life invested in pursuing nursing part time, while working full time in another industry, managed to graduate with top honors, Sigma Theta Tau, and no job offers one year after graduation. Hell, hardly any interviews since I’m not already in the system. And as for non hospital jobs in my area, they haven’t gotten the memo that nurses can work there without going through the rite of passage that is working a hospital floor. Fortunately, I’m still employed at my old job and they have me a nice raise this year, so I’m very blessed that I landed on my feet after this gamble crapped out on me. But yeah, F-off, nursing field!


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