Some Random Thoughts

Some deep thoughts, random reading and questions…

Where do you draw the line between a pause and aystole?  I figure if the heart starts back up again, it’s a pause.  Looks bad though to have 5, 7, 10, 15 second pauses.  I’m going to copyright the phrase “gravitational precordial thump©” based on the following:  patient is up in the bathroom, on the way back to bed, they have a 7 second pause and fall.  On the rhythm strip you see the moment they hit the floor and it causes them to return to normal sinus rhythm, thereby self-correcting the issue.  Guess a pacemaker can do that with out the falling part.

Some typical alcoholic beverages.

Booze via Wikipedia

How much booze do you have to drink to get your EtOH level >400?

In a related bit,  according to Wikipedia, the legal limit to operate a sea vessel in Norway is 0.15%.

“You gotta let me go outside to go see all the ladies.” and “See those bottles of Scotch on the wall?  Bring me one…” and “Get me out of this box! (bed).” quotes from drunks last week.  That would be great site, “Drunks from Last Night”.

How is it that most hospital-related educational events are always in the morning?  I know no one cares about night shift, but it really sucks to work 3 nights in a row, have 1 night off and have to be at a training event at 7am.  Really, do people want to come in/get up early on their days off?

Is it wrong to have a beer at lunch when you’re in class for work?

Is it so hard to wait the 10 seconds it take for the occupants of an elevator to get off before pushing your way in?  It isn’t going anywhere until the doors close any way.  Same goes for public transit.

If you are going to try and commit suicide by giving yourself insulin, why use Lantus (very-long acting)?

I’m thinking that if you made $17 billion a year, it couldn’t hurt to pay a little bit of taxes on it, or at least not getting a refund from the government.

Could you imagine if this was your commute to work?  Watch out for the dog at 00:019!


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