Another Thousand Words.

What's Left of Corporate America

All that remains?

We know trickle-down economics doesn’t work.  We know that health care is broken.  We know that a small group of fanatics nearly caused the wheels of government grind to halt.  We know that everything that tastes good, makes you feel good or somehow enhances our lives will probably contribute to our deaths.  And, by looking at the picture above you can see how the desks were laid out.  They really needed to clean the carpets more often.

Perhaps this is the crux of the problem:

Bill Maher: See, this is my problem, I’m trying – I mean, you’re – you’re a Senator. You are one of the very few people who are really running this country. It worries me that people are running my country who think – who believe in a talking snake. Um…
Mark Pryor: [Arkansas’ Democratic Senator] You don’t have to pass an IQ test to be in the Senate, though.

via IMBD

~caveat emptor



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