Writer’s Block, Again

I can sit down write, but I get half-way through a (in my mind) scintillating post sure to change the world, but get bogged down, insecure and, well, pretty whiny and stop.  I’m having the discussion in my head to just shutter this damn thing and move on to new pursuits, but each time the thought drops in my head I get an idea for new stuff.

It’s like I can’t finish what I start.

Maybe that’s a symptom of the rut I’m stuck in…I need to get out, but can’t.  Or it’s just that I’m too lazy to finish.

I need a mind-operated dictation machine so that when I’m at my best I’ll have the drivel to edit later.  I come up with the best stuff when I can’t remember it.

Thanks for sticking with me.  I’ll be around.



    1. I can’t figure out how to reply most of the time as I get an error message, but I do enjoy your postings. I too, get that writers’ block, although in my case, I blame it on all the writing I have to do for my Sociology class. I’m 61 and getting my BSN. Now that’s something to write home about. :))

      Hang in there.



  1. Hey, it posted my reply without problems. Maybe I’ll be lucky twice. I wanted to say that my son lives there in Portland. He teaches Spanish at Portland Community College and six online Spanish classes, so visiting your blog somehow makes me feel a little closer to him. 🙂 🙂


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