The 501st

This is post 501.

Yeah, five hundred and one chances to see into the inner workings of a nurses’ mind.

Five hundred and one attempts at humor, pathos, cathartic screaming, ranting, introspection and education.

I’ve been writing a blog of some variety since nursing school, most of those older posts are lost to the Internet ether and frankly, they weren’t any good to begin with so it is no true loss. This blog has been with me though since I started at my current job, nearly five years ago. I’ve gone from wide-eyed new grad praying not to kill anyone to a slightly crispy-crittered, nearly burned out charge nurse.

So much has changed on my floor that I hardly recognize it somedays, just like I hardly recognize myself somedays. I’ve grown and this blog has grown with me. Soon, I will be into another phase of my career, new fresh things to learn, new fresh things to complain about and teach about, and I’ll be taking everyone with me. It is no longer a question of if, but when. Not yet, but I hope soon.

Thank you all for being on this journey with me. As the saying goes, “This is only the beginning.”


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