Don’t Call it a Comeback…

Like LL said,”Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.” But really it is a comeback. Back to mine, back to my roots, back to what is important to me. I realized that even if it would mean a pay cut, somethings are more important than money. Call it karma when an offer came through for extended severance in light of looming lay-offs. I’ve been thinking about all of this quite a bit and while I haven’t arrived at a full decision, the beginnings of a plan has emerged. If things go like I hope, big things are transpiring in the next couple of months.


  1. Six years ago, we were facing layoffs and I was disappointed when I didn’t get my pink slip and my four months severane package. Good luck to you. I’m sad you’re leaving the professions, you’re one of the good ones. Now I have to ice my wrists which are tender and sore from the golden handcuffs I continue to wear.


    1. I’m not leaving nursing, just my current situation. Nursing is in my blood, it is who I am, not leaving that behind. And thanks for your kind words!


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