A Little Nostalgia

The wife picked me up a couple of beers last night at the corner mart, a Rainier and an Olympia.  Both were huge regional favorites in the Pacific Northwest growing up and I vividly remember the commercials growing up.  When I used to drive up from school home to Seattle I would pass both of the breweries on I-5, you can still hear traffic guys refer to traffic on I-5 being “backed up at the brewery.”  Sadly, they’re both gone, although the beers are still being brewed by powerhouse SABMiller.  The old breweries have still stand though,  one is an artist’s rental space, however the other is empty.  It’s odd though, for a region where craft beer really took off to have forgotten about these old monuments to brewing.

But thanks to YouTube, the commercials still exist.  (these bring back childhood memories!)

First, Oly (it’s the water)

Second, another classic from way back (not a “local” though, but I remember it well)  From the land of sky blue waters…

Last, the best use of the doppler effect in advertising ever.  The Rainier motorcycle commercial…

Now, go have a beer!


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