Some True Words

And, as always, those that complain get their way, and those that are strong take the patients. And those who smile and chat up the manager the most get the kudos, all the recognition and the praise. Then the administration wonders why staff satisfaction is down.

This is from a comment an ex-coworker posted which I had to share because it’s true. Toxic workplace much?

Being unemployed has brought some true clarity to my career and it’s been good. I realize that I was (still am) pretty burned out and am taking steps to remedy that. Breathe. Meditate. Reflect. Exercise. Sleep. And while I’m stressed out about moving, finding a new job and starting over, I feel like I can go back to being the nurse I want to be (again). It will work out.


One Comment

  1. This comment seems to sum up how I feel about nursing at the moment. I worked in a busy surgical ward and was treated like crap by the more senior staff because I wanted to actually give the patients the best care possible and not sit at the nurses’ station reading magazines and ignoring call bells. They sucked up to the manager and nothing was ever done about their lazy ways. I’m 2 years registered and totally disillusioned with nursing. I have moved to working in critical care but I’m not sure if it is for me yet. Here’s hoping!


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