Dirty Old Man

or,  “How I will be when I’m old and demented.”

They say with age and dementia, decorum goes out the window and we revert to our true selves.  Or at least to our basest desires.  It doesn’t help however when we egg you on.

“Oh my God!” breathlessly says the nurse as she comes out of the room in a rush to grab something from the clean utility room.  “He’s a perv!”

About ten minutes later I learn why as our aide comes out of the room laughing and tells us why.

“So he has ‘sweet’ and ‘sour’ tattooed above each nipple, that’s a new one even for me!  As we’re cleaning him up I say, ‘Oh, and this is full of piss and vinegar, right?’ pointing to his peri area.   As I’m saying this he reaches over and caresses and pats my ass saying, “You better believe it baby!”  I almost died trying to keep a straight face!”

Passed it off to the next charge nurse that he was a little, “grabby.”