World Running Out of Weapons to Fight Superbugs

Add this the, “Well duh!” file.  I guess it is “news to those outside of the medical field, but to those of us on the frontlines, it’s nothing new.  A colleague of mine was telling me about a patient who had a MDR Acinetobacter bacteremia that ws resistant to everything we had in the formulary.  Nothing could touch it.  The patient suprisingly survived and went home, but scary nonetheless.

Besides the “guided” evolution of bacteria (due in part to an overabundance of antibitoics in the environemnt), one thing that seems to be causing the development of new antibiotics is that they aren’t “sexy”.  More money can be made off of the latest ED drug, anti-lipid med or novel combination antihypertensive/statin, than new antibiotics.  Just the truth.