You Have Been Warned

I know, as nurses we are subjected to the worst (and the best) that humanity has to offer.  The sobering truth is that an ungodly percentage of health-care worker have been subjected to violence and abusive behavior in the workplace at least once, if not more.  There is no excuse.  Full stop.

There are mitigating factors however.  We all have cared for the demented elder who is acting out of fear rather than malice, or the intoxicated patient – although they get very little lee-way, or the patient dealing with effects of anesthesia or other medications.  These, while not OK, are part of the job.  It is the willful violence, by families, patients (not with mitigating factors) and sadly our co-workers that is the type I refer to.  You know what I’m talking about.  Odds are you’ve experienced it.

I found this through Twitter and believe that it should be posted on every outside door, door to each unit and randomly throughout our work places.  It is not acceptable for health-care workers to be subjected to this.  Violence and abusive language is NOT in our job description.  Too bad it will fall on ears deadened by lawyers and risk managers.

Stop the Violence - You have been warned

You have been warned.

Relevant source: OHSHA of British Columbia (yes, Canada folks), Violence Prevention Resources.