It’s Done…Kind Of

The move.  Finished.  Next time, please remind me to not move out of a 2nd floor apartment into a 3-story townhouse.  My calves still ache, not to mention my back and hips.  Oh yeah, also picked up a nasty head cold in the process.  Not a good time.

But now my body doesn’t hurt so bad and I’m not horking up green/yellow batches of lung butter.  Now it is time to unpack.  I might survive.

At least we absolutely love the place!

Call Me Admit Guy

I don’t mind getting admits.  Being on the night crew we do far more admits than discharges, so it is something I know very well.  A couple of months ago, my wife was admitted for observation overnight for atypical chest pain.  I was following along in my head the screens for the admit history form and anticipating the questions as they came.  We do it that often.  It’s always tough though when you start the night off with an admit at shift change.

I’ve barely finished getting report from the say shift when  the unit secretary pages with, “ED with report on line 1.”  So I take report, but the patinet seems very familiar.  Somethings tickling in the back of head that I know this patient.  I ask the ED nurse to give me 15 minutes to at least pop my head in to see my other people and let them know that I’ll be back.  I get about 5.

With this admit the ED cleaned up.  The patient came up with admit history and med reconciliation already complete, so I guess it made up for the quick arrival.  Got them all tucked in and settled and went on my way.  It was perhaps the easiest admit I’ve had in awhile.  And the patient?  Sure enough, I remembered them, and they remembered me.  Seems I had done a good jub the last time they were in, so they were actually happy to see me.  What a change!

To top that off, I had a patient come back from surgery who at the sight of me nearly burst into tears saying, “I’m so glad you’re here tonight!” Twice in one night.  It was almost surreal.  Then I heard it was nearly a full moon.  Guess that explains that.

As admits, later in the night I get a call from charge who says we’ve got one coming up and it would either be me or A, and she would let us duke it out to see who takes them.  As my luck would have, A had conveniently disappeared right before ED called report.  So I took it.  The ED nurse said, “Didn’t I give you report already tonight?”   “Yep, I replied, I’m just the admit guy.”  Again I asked for 30 minutes as the admit didn’t have orders yet he said, “I’ll try.”  Sure enough though, they came through.  I asked for 30 and they gave me a hour and 15.  I got caught up, charted and ready to go.  Dialed in the admit, settled them in, put ’em to bed and finished the night.

It’s nice when it goes well, too bad it doesn’t happen all that often.  But I’ll take it when it does.

Welcome to the New Floor!

After spending half the evening the other night trying to tweak my old Blogger template, searching for answers how to fix said template and finding a new template to meet my design/aesthetic needs, I gave up.  I’m done.  Like I said in the previous post, “I don’t have to time I need to fool around the web trying to find a template I like and then taking the additional time to tweak the template and add back in all of the user modifications I’ve made.”  So I’ve migrated over to WordPress.

Yes, it took a little bit of time to get everything into a semblance of what I had over at Blogger, but for now I am very happy.  I like the way it looks, the way it flows and I haven’t had a single gli….

glitch all night.  (just kidding).   This is now my new floor.  Please update your bookmarks and readers to my new address:


 See ya’ round.

Peace and love…

Help Needed!

I have multiple problems that I am trying to wrap my head. I’m increasingly getting tired of Blogger, frequent outages, posts disappearing (or getting mangled), tedious template mods and the inability to quickly change a template/theme. I don’t have to time I need to fool around the web trying to find a template I like and then taking the additional time to tweak the template and add back in all of the user modifications I’ve made. I’m a little bit of a design geek, but can’t take the time I want to make my blog look like I really want it to, so I settle.

But on the other hand, I like Blogger as I have been using it for so long (not just here). I “trust” Google (about as far as I could throw them), but I realize that they’re pretty stable (company-wise). I have my content here adn don’t really want to have to shift it somewhere else (or lose it all together). And it’s easy.

I want to spend more of my time writing rather than trying to cajole something into working order – I do enough of that at work. Anyone have any suggestions? Is WordPress better than Blogger? Should I just leave well enough alone? Anyone have an idea how to fix my code so that the sidebar just doesn’t run all the way down, but the central section is as long as the sidebar?

Thanks in advance.

Monday Afternoon Fun

I guess Al Gore’s recent Nobel win sparked off a minor bit of furor in the medical blog-o-sphere (not to mention elsewhere) as shown by Scalpel and Shadowfax, I thought we all needed a little bit of lighthearted insanity. Zoobomb style. These guys are nuts. What better way to forget about the depressing issues of global warming, ER overcrowding and health care reform than flying down US 26 into downtown Portland on a mini-bike set to the music of AC/DC? Or having a blast barreling down Maryhill on longboards and mini-bikes? Enjoy.

The Hellway

Maryhill Jam

For what it’s worth, I believe in global warming and that we should do something, even if it seems futile. I haven’t driven to work more than twice in over 8 months, relying on bike and public transit. But that’s me.

Update: Yes, I’m an idiot. For some reason I thought it was Tuesday, only to be corrected by my neighbor that it was Monday. The headline is now corrected…