30+ Facts

So every week or so there the meme of describing weird facts about yourself seems to circulate around the blogs I read, so instead of being subject to that, I figured I would compile a list in advance. Call it a preemptive strike.

  1. I have bag fetish. Any chance to buy a new, shiny, buckly/strappy bag I jump at it. I’m bummed that I found my new laptop case so quickly.
  2. Similarly, I have a coat fetish. I have far too many to effectively use and still want more.
  3. The wife and I will go to the local Goodwill Outlet on Friday nights for fun. I imagine it’s what many ER waiting rooms are like.
  4. My favorite meal in the world is pizza and beer.
  5. Although good Asian food comes in close second.
  6. I still listen to and shop for LPs. Yes, those large, shiny black discs.
  7. I’ve broken both arms – luckily not at the same time, had several concussions, been hit while cycling and endured more bumps, scrapes and bruises to shake a stick at. Many times, they show up with no inkling how they happened.
  8. My wife and I have been together for almost 10 years, living together for 8, and married for 6.
  9. I am a video game junkie. While I’m in recovery now, I still have moments where I sit down to play and look up and itsI 4 hours later and I have no recollection of that time.
  10. I own an Atari 2600.
  11. I still own and use a 35mm film camera.
  12. I still shop for and listen to LPs. You know, those big, shiny black discs.
  13. I’m superstitious.
  14. I sometimes wish I went to Art School after high school to become a professional photographer. Usually though, I don’t.
  15. I grew up in Seattle.
  16. In high school our school mascot was the “Beaver.”
  17. Like Neil Armstrong, Stephen Spielberg and Walter Cronkite, I too am an Eagle Scout.
  18. I packaged herring to use as bait for 2 summers in college. For minimum wage. With convicts on work release.
  19. I’ve lost 40lbs. since nursing school.
  20. I worked as a telemarketer in nursing school. At least they called me not the other way around.
  21. I am an Ikea junkie. We usually go to Ikea at least monthly We don’t always buy, but our home is like a big Ikea advertisement.
  22. I screen my calls.
  23. I love to read. My mother used to take away books from me as a punishment. True fact. Unfortunately nursing school burned that out of me. But it’s returning…slowly.
  24. I enjoy a good cigar about once a month or so. I also smoke a pipe at times.
  25. I like having a single-malt Scotch to go along with that cigar.
  26. I’m a recovering caffeine addict. I’m down to 1 cup a day…
  27. I love microbrews. Living in Portland how can you not?
  28. I also love PBR. True, it really is blue-collar champange.
  29. I earned a BA in “Social Sciences”: (read: Liberal Arts) to end up loading cargo planes.
  30. I’m a TV junkie..it’s on nearly non-stop. Mostly just as background noise.
  31. I have a hard time figuring out these facts.


  1. Fact 33: Great list.

    Thanks for sharing. I just stumbled back to your site and wanted to read more about you. Definitely enjoyed the list, and if you ever come up to Toronto I’d be happy to introduce you to our microbreweries.


  2. I just re-read this list and remembered how much I liked it the first time. Also, last year I can to love malt scotch myself. It has actually inspired me to write a random fact post, but that will have to wait for another day.


  3. #15 – Be glad you didn’t. I did, worked 20 years as a pro photographer, am poor as a church mouse and starting over as an RN. I wish I had save my self the 20 years and discovered that this was my path back then.

    Great list!


  4. #24!!! I though it was just me-I couldn’t read a book for years after nursing school!!!! I became hooked on Jen Lancaster’s books and read them all. It felt so good to read again, the smell of a new book and turning the pages. Then I read the Twilight series (yes, I will admit that out loud) and stayed up WAY too late to read. It’s been 6 years since I graduated, I still am not reading as much as I was before school, but I’m getting there. I hate that books are so expensive, and that I cannot be trusted with a library book-I NEVER return them in time. I have a Kindle, but it’s just not the same!


  5. i’m a Beaver, you’re a Beaver, we are Beavers all. And when we get together, we give our Beaver call ……. Class of ’74


  6. Your mother took your books away as punishment? lol What a book worm. Thats the funniest thing I’ve heard all week! And also, I screen my calls too. If I don’t know a phone number, I usually google it before picking up.


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