Coffee Snob

Yes, I am a coffee snob.  But not nearly as bad as some.  One thing though really bugs the crap out of me:

It’s espresso.  Not expresso.

It’s not express coffee.  It’s espresso.  There’s no “x” in it.  It’s like when people call it “Warshington”.  There is not an “r” in “wash” is there?  No, I didn’t think so.  Same thing.  No “x” in espresso.   A nurse I worked with the other night kept referring to it with the “x” and it was driving me to the near side of insanity.

The lesson folks: its espresso.

That is all.

Make mine a venti, 6 shot, soy…

Actually, I’m not much of a frou-frou coffee person.  In fact besides regular drip coffee, the drink I get most often at the local coffee establishment (which in PDX is damn near on every corner, but god luck finding one open in the wee hours of the night) is a tall Americano.

But I digress.  Guess coffee isn’t as bad for you as they keep trying to say.  From now on, if my cardiac patients want coffee, it will be “leaded.”