Weather Follies

One thing I love about living in Portland is how much people freak out at the thought or forecast of snow. It’s like the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse, hurricane arrival or other weather/Act of God shenanigans. People flock to stores buying supplies like it is the end of the world. They hit local tire shops to put on winter tires and buy chains. It is madness.

C’mon people, it is snow. It falls, sometimes it sticks, you slow when you drive, don’t act like an idiot and things turn out OK. But no, people drive like crazy, common sense goes out the window and folks get hurt.

I went to northern Arizona over Christmas and encountered real snow (yes, snow in Arizona), not this puny wannbe snow that we get in Portland. But there people acted normal, drove responsibly and everyone got home safe. Then I come home and 3 weeks later and deal with this stupidity. Oh well.

Here’s what I’m talking about:
Arizona 1:

Arizona 2:

Portland 1:

Current Weather:


Don’t Call it a Comeback…

Like LL said,”Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.” But really it is a comeback. Back to mine, back to my roots, back to what is important to me. I realized that even if it would mean a pay cut, somethings are more important than money. Call it karma when an offer came through for extended severance in light of looming lay-offs. I’ve been thinking about all of this quite a bit and while I haven’t arrived at a full decision, the beginnings of a plan has emerged. If things go like I hope, big things are transpiring in the next couple of months.