Fun with Electronic Charting, part 2

Found some more bloopers that made me laugh, hope they do you as well.  Here is the first post on the subject.

First up…

Patient tolerating poi well.

I don’t know, that stuff looks petty dodgy, they must be feeling better if they can tolerate it!

Admission diagnosis:  sincopy.

While they probably meant syncope (fancypants for “fainting”), they might be having bigger issues depending on whom’s sins they are copying.

In a progress note:

D/C Meth!

No explanation needed here.  Wish they would have written it as an order though.

My personal favorite of late:

Bladder non-distended, uterus not identified…  …right pelvic cyst, question ovarian.

Patient was a male.  I hope you weren’t able to find a uterus and I can guarantee the cyst is not ovarian.

That’s all for this round.  Enjoy!


Fun with Electronic Charting

We all love electronic charting.  It is so convenient, simple, easy to enter and surely cuts down on the amount of time necessary to document our patient care.  Right, if you didn’t notice the sarcasm dripping, you need a head exam.  But it does lend itself to rather interesting typos.  It’s hard to have typos when you’re writing out on a paper chart, although technically possible.  Here’s some recent gems from charts I’ve been in:

Patient’s father had dimension

I hope so, a 2D person would be a bit strange.  Could it be dementia?

Patient turding Q2 hours

That’s a lot of poop, although not unheard of.  May I suggest, turning Q2 hours?

Patient has TED hoes on.

Why they have Ted’s hoes on is beyond me.  My imagination is fertile though…

Anyone else have good ones?  I’m needing laughs!