Meditation on 2 Wheels

I’m grinding up a steep hill on my bike. Quads are burning, breathing is ragged, the sun baked pavement stretches up ahead of me, taunting me in an inexorable gradient as sweat drips off my nose.

I’m focused, single minded in my intent. Nothing else clouds my mind except the turn of the pedals. The thoughts that woke me too early on this weekend morning forgotten, washed away by the wind on my face, burned away by the pain in my legs as I start another hill. It’s meditation on two wheels. It’s just what I needed.

One Comment

  1. This is beautiful writing.

    I am a nurse that took a 9 year hiatus from the clinical setting, did somewhat of a clipboard type nursing behind a desk and had a long title: Catastrophic medical case manager.

    I have been back in the clinical setting in ambulatory surgery. It’s good, not perfect, just good. Writing comforts me.

    And now reading your blog does too, thank you.


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