Annals of Medicine: The Cost Conundrum: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker

Annals of Medicine: The Cost Conundrum: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker.

I went to a conference this weekend and one of the talks revolved around the financial aspect of health care and health care reform.  This article was brought up again and again.  It’s a fascinating read.  One telling aspect is that higher cost does not always equal higher quality.  It butts up against the entitlement mentality of America and is in part of the reason health care is so expensive.  Free does = more.  Sad.

Still Alive and Kicking

Kind of.
Laptop is still dead.  Haven’t had the time to pull the old desktop out from storage in the dungeon, errr, basement.  But I have one for y’all to think over:

Why would you let an erection last for 6 days?

I mean really, don’t the Viagra commercials say that if it lasts for more than 4 hours you should seek medical attention?  So 6 days?  Wouldn’t it be dead by then?  Or at least so painful that just moving would be so excruciating that it was almost not worth it to continue?  Is pride really that big of a thing when your manhood is about to fall off?
So what would keep you out of the ED for 6 days while sporting said erection?
Posting will be sporadic still as the wife and I are going on vacation.  A true blue, not visiting family (although we might drop in on those where we’re going to say "Hi"), but having a good time, by ourselves vacation.  It’s something we haven’t done since our honeymoon nearly 7 years ago.  All the other vacations have been to visit family, scope out a place to move, or other obligations, not a kick back, drink umbrella drinks by the poolside, sleep until noon, no commitments type of vacation.  You could say I’m looking forward to it!


I was listening to music on my laptop the other night when it went all “fizzy” and strange.  Then it went dark.  Not good. 

I rebooted and everything seemed to be OK, then it went dark again.  Now I can’t get it to reboot or do anything.  Not good.

Luckily, all of my blog stuff is in the clouds and I just backed up the important stuff not too long ago so all is not yet lost.  Now I get to try to figure what is going wrong.  And I ain’t happy about it.  Posting will probably be a bit more sporadic than normal (not that I’ve been prolific lately anyway), but stick around, I’ll be back to myself soon enough.

One of Those Weeks

Since it was a full moon this weekend, oh yes, it was a full moon.  I remembered the fun and enjoyment derived from the last full moon.  Oh yes, time for “Fun With the ER Bigboard.”  The rules are simple:  each contestant, er…patient signs in with a “Chief Complaint” which is broadcast on the “Bigboard” that anyone with access to the charting system can see.  And it just so happens us charge nurses look at said Bigboard frequently to prepare for incoming…er, admits.  So here are the winners from the last full moon…

#5: Abdominal Pain/bloody urine (always a crowd favorite)

#4: Chest Pain/cocaine use (yes, Virginia, all that white powder causes your heart to beat really fast)

#3: Possible Labia Abcess (I kind of think this is a lot like pregnancy: it either is, or it ain’t)

#2: Right Buttock Abcess (evidently it was the second half of a matched pair…)

and our winner for this round:

#1: Penis caught in zipper* (ow, ow, ow, ow, ow…)

And now for the bonus round!

Guess which one got admitted?

I’ll give you a hint…think twins.

*Talking with an ER nurse I know, evidently he had a small lac on said member, then when he decided that instead of waiting for the ER doc to get the pliers to “gently” free said member, he tore it out.  Yes, tore it out.  With little bits still left clinging to the zipper was said to have utterd “I was just tired dealing with it, so I took take of it.”  Evidently, he had been imbibing just a little…


It’s 2am.  The family is asleep, but not me.  I’m sitting here messing around on the Interwebs and watching the History Channel.  And why?  I got canceled. Should have been at work right now.  I’m not really complaining, I mean compared to others folks on my unit, my cancellation rate is far less (a perk of being a charge nurse) than everyone else.  But it was how it all came about that really pissed me off.

I worked the last two nights, was supposed to work tonight and cover a charge shift tomorrow.  So it’s not like Ican just revert to my normal schedule, I have to be up all night again tomorrow.  Even that is OK, I can deal.  But it is how they let me know.  Background here though:  I leave early due to taking public transit, about 5:15pm for my shift (6:30p start when I’m in charge).  So what does the staffing office do?  They call at about 5:30p, I’m gone.  I find out from the wife as I’m about 6 blocks from work.  I figure no biggie, I’ll go in and see if someone wants to go home.  Then I run into the the nurse who is taking my place. Staffing called him at 4:40p, so they knew at that point.  WTF?  If they called him that early, why couldn’t they have called me too?  That way I could have just stayed at home and made the trip in to work.

Oh well, guess that’s how the cards fall.  I know it’s my turn, but I just wish the staffers had the common courtesy to call earlier.  At least I got to spend the evening with the wife.


David Hasselhoff Alcohol Poisoning; Rushed To Hospital |

.390?  And passing out?  What a pussy.  How many times have we seen >.400 and lucidly carrying on converstaion?  OK, not that many, but have seen many higher than that and still semi-coherent, or enough to at least tell you to “Fuck off and leave me alone!”

Sure, many of these folks have more experience than “Mitch”, but hey, you can’t blame a guy for trying.

Or as KITT would say, “Michael” (in that smarmy sounding English accent) “I do belive that driving while in this condition is unadvisable.”