The kids are dying!…

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Shortage of shots as more kids die of swine flu – Swine flu-

What a way to sensationalize tragedy.

Yes, it is a tragedy when kids die.

Yes, it is unfortunate that we don’t have enough vaccine available.

Yes, some people believe that vaccines are bunk, especially the flu shot.

Yes, the hysteria is starting to rise.  It’s everywhere.  Makes one want to stay isolated inside the house and never leave, open the door with a N95 and turn the foyer into a positive-pressure space.  Makes me just turn off the news and news websites and pop a Xanax.

But why focus on kids?  Easy:  kids pull at our heart strings.  Kids are the easiest way to sway the public’s opinion.  Sad but true.

And I don’t need a special graphic to tell me that H1N1 is widespread in Oregon.  I just go to work.

Mmmm, swiny

Oh, that was the bacon.

This whole swine flu panic is making me laugh.  Evidently, the local news has just reported the first confirmed cases in Oregon and are in a complete tizzy, breaking in with cue ominous music Outbreak“.  You would think it was the end of the world.  Even Google Maps is getting in on the action helping to map the cases that have now spread worldwide.

It’s more hysteria than actual sickness.  It’s the flu.  Yes, it kills, but so does pneumonia, alcohol, red meat and driving.  Yes, it’s communicable, but so is syphilis, the common cold and hepatitis.  So let’s all be smart, stop freaking out, wash our hands and cover our mouths when we cough.  And for fucks sake, stay home from work if you’re sick.

So sit back, eat some bacon, drink a cold, frosty adult beverage and watch the world fall apart around us.