Five for Friday

This Friday it’s five songs that have been in heavy rotation on my iPod.  Enjoy!

Dada – Dizz Knee Land.  Too funny, 8 years after the sing originally came out we were still singing “I just flipped off President George!”

Cake – Sheep go to Heaven, Goats go to Hell.  Guess I’m a goat…

Less Than Jake – Johnny Quest (Thinks We’re Sellouts!)  I think I have 3 versions of this song on my iPod right now for some reason and each one is different.

Cherry Poppin Daddies – Irish Whiskey

But instead I’ll
Hang in there and suffer with the rest
I’m a drunk and a sentimental man, so –
Dust us off a bottle of your best
Irish whiskey and drink with me
To departed friends…
To departed friends…

Bad Religion – Let Them Eat War

Great song, great band.  I always get extra pumped when this song comes on while riding.

At least this will take my mind off of things when I visit the GI doc…

Who’s Your Daddie?

Summer is finally here.  What do I love about summer?  Besides beer, barbecue and sun?  Outdoor concerts.  Yup.  Nothing says summer like a big outdoor festival, or small show in the local park.

Yesterday I saw the Cherry Poppin Daddies (yes, Zoot Suit Riot) as part of a local parks and rec concert series.  It’s sad in a way to think that these guys who once rocked out on Letterman were reduced to the casino/parks & red circuit, but they still put on an awesome show.  It was odd to see them in a family friendly atmosphere considering the last time I saw them was in a small seedy club that was not family-friendly.  So in honor of the boys from Eugene (Oregon baby!), and the one dude skankin’ in the front row the whole show, I found some great live clips.

Here Comes the Snake.  Hmmm…friendly?  Maybe.

Don Quixote.

Irish Whiskey.  Yes I’ll have one and drink to departed friends.

The world though only knows them for swing.  And for one song.  It’s good.  It’s fun live.  But there is better in the catalog.  Who’s you daddie?  Yes.  I am.

Funny Band Name…theoretical

Inspired by a comment on a post over at Ten out of Ten, and along with musings earlier in the week I came upon a great band name with a great title for their first album.

General Edema and Anasarca: Onward to the 3rd Space

Catchy right? The cover picture could be cankles from a decompenstated CHFer. Too much?

Maybe songs like “Asystole Sounds Good to Me” and my current favorite, “Noncompliance (I ain’t takin’ my meds no more)”. Or the ETOH centered theme, “Ativanapenic.” Or a cover of “DNR” to the tune of “Rockstar” (oh, wait, already been done…)

Somehow I doubt widespread mainstream acceptance… fun vids after the jump.

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